Also known as: Blindspots, Shadows
Wraiths are fairly uncommon.

Wraiths are individuals who have the ability to alter people’s perceptions. The average Wraith can only use this power for stealth purposes, but there are rumors that powerful Wraiths can create minor illusions. Low-level Wraiths are the kind of people with faces you just can’t quite remember.

Personality-wise, Wraiths tend to be independent loners.

Job-wise, most Wraiths work for some government or another as espionage agents or assassins. Some famous art thieves are supposedly Wraiths, but it’s a hard thing to verify.

Wraiths start out with
+5 with Stealth
Invisibility (Sight Group, Hearing Group, and Smell/Taste Group), (Chameleon -1/2), (Only against humans/animals -1/2)

What else should you buy if you’re making a Wraith?

  • High DEX
  • Buy off the Chameleon limitation on Invisibility
  • High-level Wraiths have the option to buy images (Only against humans/animals -1/2)


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