Also known as: CBs
Shortwaves are fairly uncommon.

Shortwaves are people who can perceive and influence radio waves.

Job-wise, Shortwaves typically act as radio broadcasters or police dispatchers. There are several well-known pirate broadcasts run by Shortwaves.

There is speculation that there are Shortwaves capable of affecting more than just the radio portion of the electromagnetic spectrum – Shortwaves who could affect light or even x-rays and gamma rays. Some think that it was a Shortwave such as this that was responsible for the irradiation of Gold City.

Shortwaves start out with
Radio Perception/Transmission
Wave Scrambling: Darkness to Radio Group, 5m radius

What else should you buy if you’re making a Shortwave?

  • Radar – Some Shortwaves have figured out how to use radio waves in this way.
  • You can upgrade Radio Perception/Transmission to High Range Radio Perception


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