Also known as: Marksmen, Benders
Shooters are fairly common.

Shooters are people who have the ability to subconsciously use telekinesis to influence projectiles to increase their accuracy or protect themselves.

Personality-wise, many Shooters act like gunslingers – either overconfident or paranoid, depending on how good they are (the better the Shooter, the more paranoid and the less overconfident).

Shooters start out with
+2 OCV
Naked Advantage: Indirect (Source point is the character, path can change with any use +1/2) for up to 30 active points of Ranged Attacks

What else should you buy if you’re making a Shooter?

  • More OCV
  • High DCV
  • Some Shooters can use their power defensively (Reflection)
  • Some Shooters develop enough conscious control over their telekinesis to manipulate objects (5 STR Telekinesis)


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