Also known as: Strongmen, Bricks
Hooligans are fairly common.

Hooligans are people who are stronger, tougher, and more resilient than the average human.

Personality-wise, Hooligans tend to be more… direct. The common stereotype is that Hooligans are unintelligent, but it’s more that they prefer simpler solutions to their problems. For most Hooligans, efficiency is more important than subtlety.

Job-wise, Hooligans make good soldiers (as in grunts), construction workers, and thugs.

All Hooligans start out with +10 STR, +5 CON, +5 PD, +10 STUN (25 Pts.)

What else should you buy if you’re making a Hooligan?

  • More STR – Most Hooligans have somewhere between 30 and 40 STR. Keep in mind, it is very unusual for a Hooligan to be any stronger than that.
  • More PD and ED
  • More STUN


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