Darts are fairly common.

Darts are individuals who have the ability to, well, “dart.” Darting is characterized as a short burst of superhuman speed/athleticism. These short bursts take a lot out of them. Due to this fact, most Darts are very thin, despite the fact that they need to eat large quantities of food to keep going.

Personality-wise, most Darts are either spoiled brats or juvenile delinquents, depending on their economic level. They tend to be reckless and self-centered.

People generally think of Darts of being young people, and there’s some truth to this. Most Darts don’t make it to old age, due to their reckless tendencies and the fact that Darting puts a lot of stress on the human body. The Darts that do make it to old age tend to have chronic heart conditions and joint pain.

All Darts start out with

What else should you buy if you’re making a Dart?

  • More Running
  • Keep in mind, all Dart abilities must have Increased Endurance


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